Annex B - Interface to Other Languages (normative)


Annex B - Interface to Other Languages (normative)

1 {interface to other languages} {language (interface to non-Ada)} {mixed-language programs} This Annex describes features for writing mixed-language programs. General interface support is presented first; then specific support for C, COBOL, and Fortran is defined, in terms of language interface packages for each of these languages. 

1.a Ramification: This Annex is not a “Specialized Needs” annex. Every implementation must support all non-optional features defined here (mainly the package Interfaces). 

Language Design Principles

1.b Ada should have strong support for mixed-language programming. 

Extensions to Ada 83

1.c {extensions to Ada 83} Much of the functionality in this Annex is new to Ada 95. 

Wording Changes from Ada 83

1.d This Annex contains what used to be RM83-13.8.