3.5.8 Operations of Floating Point Types


Static Semantics

1 The following attribute is defined for every floating point subtype S:



S'Digits denotes the requested decimal precision for the subtype S. The value of this attribute is of the type universal_integer. The requested decimal precision of the base subtype of a floating point type T is defined to be the largest value of d for which

ceiling(d * log(10) / log(T'Machine_Radix)) + g <= T'Model_Mantissa
where g is 0 if Machine_Radix is a positive power of 10 and 1 otherwise.

3 (36)  {predefined operations (of a floating point type) [partial]} The predefined operations of a floating point type include the assignment operation, qualification, the membership tests, and explicit conversion to and from other numeric types. They also include the relational operators and the following predefined arithmetic operators: the binary and unary adding operators – and +, certain multiplying operators, the unary operator abs, and the exponentiation operator.

4 (37)  As for all types, objects of a floating point type have Size and Address attributes (see §13.3). Other attributes of floating point types are defined in §A.5.3.

Wording Changes from Ada 95

4.a/2 Corrigendum: Corrected the formula for Digits when the Machine_Radix is 10.